Why we pie

why we pie

Below are just some of the messages from our audience. Messages like these are the very reason we do this.

To change the world one person at a time.

Hi Samantha, I just wanted to take a moment to express how much of a great person you truly are. I like what you stand for and what you represent. Not all of us have the means of doing what you do. You are representing the majority of people that feel the same way you do. You are a true role model for women and men alike. I enjoy seeing your videos of your travels. I must add that I’m quite jealous of you for that Iol! Anyway just wanted to tell you that you are truly an amazing woman!

Hi! I’m Samantha and I just wanted to message you because you have been such an inspiration to me, especially recently. Thank you so much for being authentic and real and compassionate and vulnerable. I would really love to connect with you as well if you’re up for it. I just think you’re fantastic and want to know you better!

Hi Sammy! Not too long ago I came across your page and it pretty much changed my life. I was struggling with self esteem issues and whenever I looked in the mirror all I saw were my blemishes and everything I hated about myself. You’re posts are what really brought me to realize that there is no such thing as “perfect” and that I’m beautiful the way I am. Thank you so much for being an inspiration to me and really showing me to accept my body for the way it is.

Have a good journey. I hope Bali turns out to be a major turning point in your life. You deserve all the happiness and love in the world. You’ve inspired so many of us. All of us are vulnerable at some point. Some are emotionally vulnerable while some are physically vulnerable. You’ve made a difference in a lot of lives with your words. Stay blessed. Love from India.

Sammantha is the biggest samaritan/humanitarian I know. She literally started an entire business based on giving back (Slice of the pie), and spend her time doing things for others and teaching others how to love themselves. She stands up for what she believes in, and truly puts 100% into everything she does.


You are honestly one of the most incredibly driven and inspirational woman I have ever had the pleasure of being able to communicate with and the fact alone that you aren’t conforming to the norms with what you should be doing any where you should be, the fact that you just declined that tv show to follow your gut and not take it because it’s good for the time and would just give you financial stability and confirm is by far one of the strongest attributes that any one person can have..

You’ve been gifted with the power to inspire… don’t doubt yourself even one bit about whether you are making the right choice.. follow that gut instinct and start getting what YOU want and deserve.. You’ve been the most inspirational person that I have ever followed and I thank you for how far your posts have already taken me.. You don’t know me from a bar of soap, but promise you you won’t stop what you are doing. Just promise that.

Being fit and strong and physically able to do lotsa different things is very admirable to me and is something I thrive to achieve. Not just for the sake of looking good but i always think about self defense / emergency cases like if i need to beat the crap out of someone who kidnapped me to escape, or if i need to pull myself up a helicopter ladder lol.
I admire the discipline you’ve had to put in because i know for some people it is NOT easy.

Sammy Pie Sammy Pie you beautiful human you. You simply make my day and make my heart smile just knowing you exist. The world is a much richer and more beautiful place having you in it. I am speechless and simultaneously  by the beautiful outpouring of your life and yet take cognisance  that it was not easy in any way shape or form, but you simply being is such a beam of light and hope for so many who draw strength from your personhood. Remain beautiful, you beautiful hearted person. I see you.

Hey! Just thought I’d let you know that I went for some training course thingy at work today and for one activity we listed down names of people we admire and you were on my list!!!  thank you for being an amazing role model may God bless you always

Sam you are such an inspiration.. every single picture, every single word you pick to discribe what life is and how people should act are s000 much powerful and always spreading love and hope. Great people like you are so rare i wish i could be as optimistic as you are.. Salute from morocco

I’m following you months ago and every single time i was hopeless and broken i automatically go to your posts and read what you write and then i feel better and i get power plus I’m now practicing sport because of you. You are a lovely person just keep doing what you do cause you are helping many people i swear.

Thank you for sharing all that you have tonight. It hit home with me as I sometimes wonder if weed is something I need to detach myself from or if it even is a suppressant or crutch. It might not be and that’s fine if it isn’t, but your story tonight will surely have me thinking deeper about the connection between the two. Big fan, stay positive and thank you again for letting us all in on what being true to yourself really means

You are an incredible person, an inspiration to many..keep up the good work..you are a true humanitarian

Some days I really wonder… If Samantha should be your name. Not that I have anything against it. But, I think it should be hope. Thank you for this. Today I wake up with a bit of hope to thrive, than struggle to survive. Thank you for everything you do. You impact people in ways you’ll never know, and I hope you do so till the end of time.

You are ENOUGH you are LOVABLE you are WORTH EVERYTHING to the right people….anyone that doesn’t give you that send them packing

Amazingly you are so similar to me in absolutely everything. I even kept a photo of that post where you say people tell you, you have too many interests, you keep changing constantly your activities….just as a reminder that I am not actually crazy. I have felt myself always so inadequate but then I look at you and I think, ” I am not crazy, she is exactly like me and she is perceived so different, just exactly the way my friends perceive me”. 

I have felt myself always so inadequate but then I look at you and I think, ” I am not crazy, she is exactly like me and she is perceived so different, just exactly the way my friends perceive me”. 

Its true. Your transparency. Your bravery your vulnerability and your heart. Most people dont do life like you do life. With their hearts.
Wasnt said to flatter you. Was meant to encourage you and tell you that being yourself is thee best gift you ever gave me and allowed me to see. I find it beautiful the more you become.yourself and allow whats not you to fall by the way side
Thank you so much. I really need this today.

I must say you are one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. Not just from your looks, but your personality and quirks are stunning. I just wanted you to know that. Just admiring from afar!

i have achieved things in life making parents proud, people being jealous and friends being happy but still i felt nothing…. after following you for at least 6 months now i realized that even though i don’t know much about you i felt you took a fall somewhere in your life to realize its worth.

 I follow you because you are a happy person .. you make your own happiness . You are a hero to me..

Life is so full of challenges, set backs and stress but of you keep fighting and stay positive things will get better. You have be sent to us for a special mission. You are here to spread love and awareness and equality.