‘Find balance, for you and your team.’

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 Samantha Shakira Clarke, your go-to Corporate Wellness Specialist.

Her passion lies in helping organizations and their employees chart a course towards growth and compassion. Fostering balance, optimal productivity, and a thriving, connected culture —ultimately decreasing burnout and employee attrition.

Versed in a plethora of modalities, we start from two simple categories


…from there your workplace wellness journey begins.

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 “One thing Is for certain, when it comes to burn-out, prevention really is the best cure.”

– Samantha Shakira Clarke

THE Trusted Mindfulness Facilitator; For APPLE, FITBIT, SPOTIFY AND MORE

Discover the positive impact of mindfulness in your workplace, led by a respected facilitator trusted by renowned top-tier organizations all over the globe.

Meet Sammy, our lead facilitator whose teaching style captivates audiences immediately, making her the go-to speaker for mastering mindfulness in corporate settings. She aspires to cultivate the meaningful message of mindfulness with heart, sincerity, and impact. Explore a diverse array of topics, including ‘Mindfulness + The Modern World,’  ‘The Wisdom of Your Nervous System,’ ‘The Gift Of Sleep,’ and ‘Mindful Leadership.’

Our comprehensive catalog caters to both companies and employees alike. Whether you opt for a single session, immerse yourself in all offerings, or create a tailored package, you’ll enhance your corporate culture through a practical and honest approach to mindfulness. Explore our transformative programs and enhance your team’s well-being and productivity today!

Mindfulness Culture reduces employee turnover by 25%

Elevate Your Workplace: Unleash the Power of Movement with our Expert led Programs

Empower your workforce with expert-led movement sessions designed to enhance well-being and productivity and connectivity. Our tailored offerings are available in-person, virtually, or through a hybrid approach, delivering the perfect blend of team bonding and stress reduction.

Guided by a highly experienced professional, boasting an impressive athletic resume including competitive boxing, Australian Ninja Warrior, Yoga, Pilates, and movement therapist our expert-led sessions guarantee an inspiring and impactful experience.

Elevate your teams confidence with transformative movement sessions like Movement Therapy, Play therapy, Somatic Experiencing, Boxing, Bootcamp, Desk Yoga, Pilates sessions and more! All tailored to optimize wellness in the workplace and increase somatic awareness for a richer working experience.

Midday Exercise Boosts Motivation by 41% and Performance by 23%
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 “Everything in life is moving; movement is our natural state. But to move well and with intention, is one of the greatest gifts we can give our bodies.

– Samantha Shakira Clarke

Move beyond the checkbox mentality in corporate wellness. Lead the way towards sincere and meaningful employee care - Your commitment is the catalyst for positive change.

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(all sessions can be delivered virtually, hybrid, or on-site)

Embark on your team’s transformative journey through our curated catalog. Whether you opt for foundational experiences like “Mindfulness + The Modern World” or delve into advanced teachings such as “The Wisdom of Your Nervous System 2.0,” these sessions are designed to unlock the keys to self-regulation and resilience in the corporate realm.

If your company craves restoration, why not recharge with sessions like “The Power of Nature,” “The Gift of Sleep,” and “Beating Burnout“?

Take a step further and guide your staff beyond ordinary corporate wellness offerings by exploring “Mindful Leadership,” “Building Better Boundaries,” and “Fostering Community and Connection” within your organization.

Whatever you choose, join us in a dynamic dance of movement, mindfulness, and corporate vitality, and witness the elevation of your team’s energy—a transformation that goes beyond the ordinary.

Elevate your corporate wellness strategy with our transformative sessions. 

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