Samantha Shakira Clarke is an Australian actress, presenter, athlete, speaker, MC, yoga teacher, boxer, company founder and fitness personality, known for her athletic creativity, raw and honest acting performances and wildly humorous approach to her hosting and MC gigs.

Her broad range skill set makes her a no brainer for any event, gig, acting role or adventure journey!

Having her thumb firmly placed in many pies in the fitness and entertainment industries, she is widely known for being “the world’s biggest slashie” 

Her mission is to remind people how essential it is to fall in-love with their life and the world they inhabit. To encourage everyone to practise the art of compassion and value their inner truth and of-course to fill each day with as many belly laughs as possible.

Her life is a testament to this mission.

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Sammy THE Actress

Samantha has been part of many popular tv shows and movies both Australian and international, with many of them winning awards. She has a passion for drama and a knack for comedy. This makes her a versatile little treat for directors and producers alike. Here’s a quick look at one of her reels.

To view some of other works you can click  here. 


Sammy THE Presenter

Samantha works as an MC, presenter and fitness model. She is regularly affiliated with many well respected brands and media organisation including APPLE and Bondi Radio.

She is a Bondi radio regular special guest and host; Corporate fighter MC; For Film Sake Festival MC; and Padel Australia tournament host.

Her approach is natural, humorous, authentic and oozes the ‘girl next door vibe.’  She strikes the balance of being incredibly professional behind the scenes and wonderfully unprofessional on-stage! This makes her a constant crowd and client favourite, especially for events which require personality.

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Sammy THE Athlete

Samantha has been widely recognised as an in demand Athlete. She is a trained yoga teacher, boxing coach, pilates instructor, personal trainer, calisthenics lover and was a competitor on the first ever season of Australian Ninja Warrior.

She has a unique habit of  accidentally making viral fitness videos, probably due to her creativity and ability to laugh through pain. As you can see demonstrated here on the left!    

                                 That little Aussie Battler!



Sammy The Founder

SLICE OF THE PIE is an ethically focused influence company that travels the globe in search of adventures, activities and events that are having a positive impact on the world.
“I’ve seen that sometimes the best way to change the world is to experience more of the world. Slice of the Pie was born so I could do just that.”   
SLICE OF THE PIE was created purely to feed a hungry audience ideas, inspirations and insights on how they too may go out and take their own SLICE OF THE PIE. 
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