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Revitalize Your Health: Experience Sammy’s Body-Mind Therapy

Experience the healing touch of Sammy, a dedicated body-mind therapist, committed to guiding clients to optimal health by fortifying and integrating their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies for optimal well-being.

With extensive expertise in a diverse range of modalities, your transformative journey begins with two simple categories –


From there, the journey begins…

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Unlock Your Heart's Awakening: Experience Private Mindful Mentoring

Sammy’s focus is on educating clients on how to bring more mindful moments into their life. In turn, regulating their nervous systems, soothing their bodies and creating holistic synergy between their mind, body and spirit.

Her teachings add practical ways to compassionately self reflect, heal, and release outdated belief patterns.

‘Providing tools which add to your daily life not onto your daily list.’

Immerse yourself in transformative private mindful mentoring sessions, where mindfulness techniques, somatic therapy tools, and heartfelt questions reign, reconnecting your heart and awakening your soul. In a safe space, we blend measurable scientific approaches with intuitive healing methods, offering you holistic rejuvenation

“In a society which is ran by intellect, there can often be a complete disassociation from the body, and the wisdom it can offer.”

If you are experiencing disconnection, numbness, lack of enthusiasm for life, anxiety, or feeling lost, Mindful mentoring is for you.

Through mindful mentoring, rediscover balance and awareness within your system. Find a safe haven for both the body and the brain to be heard, allowing your nervous system to gently integrate into the present moment.

(Personal TRAINING)

Fitness expert, Somatic Coach, Yoga Teacher and MOvement therapist

Samantha has dedicated her entire adult life to the world of movement. From her days as a semi-pro boxer, calisthenics athlete, and competitor on Australian Ninja Warrior, she has earned widespread recognition as a fitness expert, featured in prominent magazines, TV specials, and podcasts.

With over 15 years as a Personal Trainer and rehab specialist, Samantha excels in understanding her clients’ compensation patterns and guiding them back to optimal mobility, strength, and functionality.

Her current passion lies in movement therapy, where she uncovered the profound impact of subtle energy, including the mental and emotional body, on clients’ movement patterns. Recognizing the transformative potential of blending movement and mindfulness, she observed clients releasing stored emotions, alleviating long-term pain, and transcending outdated belief patterns.

Drawing from her comprehensive studies in both Eastern and Western modalities, Samantha seamlessly integrates science with ancient wisdom traditions. Utilizing her unique approach, she employs the body as a foundational tool to assist clients in integrating their emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies

Wheel of Yoga

“My mission is to help clients understand their bodies to such a degree, that they no longer need me.”  – Samantha Shakira Clarke


*In person available Vancouver, Canada. (ONLINE AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE.)

** Movement and mindfulness sessions can be used interchangeablY

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