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Revitalize Your Health: Experience Sammy’s Body-Mind Therapy

Experience the healing touch of Sammy, a dedicated body-mind therapist, committed to guiding clients to optimal health by fortifying and integrating their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies for optimal well-being.

With extensive expertise in a diverse range of modalities, your transformative journey begins with two simple categories –


From there, the journey begins…

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Unlock Your Heart's Awakening: Experience Private Mindful Mentoring

Sammy’s focus is on educating clients on how to bring more mindful moments into their life. In turn, regulating their nervous systems, soothing their bodies and creating holistic synergy between their mind, body and spirit.

Her teachings add practical ways to compassionately self reflect, heal, and release outdated belief patterns.

‘Providing tools which add to your daily life not onto your daily list.’

Immerse yourself in transformative private mindful mentoring sessions, where mindfulness techniques, somatic therapy tools, and heartfelt questions reign, reconnecting your heart and awakening your soul. In a safe space, we blend measurable scientific approaches with intuitive healing methods, offering you holistic rejuvenation

“In a society which is ran by intellect, there can often be a complete disassociation from the body, and the wisdom it can offer.”

If you are experiencing disconnection, numbness, lack of enthusiasm for life, anxiety, or feeling lost, Mindful mentoring is for you.

Through mindful mentoring, rediscover balance and awareness within your system. Find a safe haven for both the body and the brain to be heard, allowing your nervous system to gently integrate into the present moment.

(Personal TRAINING)

Fitness expert, Somatic Coach, Yoga Teacher and MOvement therapist

Samantha has dedicated her entire adult life to the world of movement. From her days as a semi-pro boxer, calisthenics athlete, and competitor on Australian Ninja Warrior, she has earned widespread recognition as a fitness expert, featured in prominent magazines, TV specials, and podcasts.

With over 15 years as a Personal Trainer and rehab specialist, Samantha excels in understanding her clients’ compensation patterns and guiding them back to optimal mobility, strength, and functionality.

Her current passion lies in movement therapy, where she uncovered the profound impact of subtle energy, including the mental and emotional body, on clients’ movement patterns. Recognizing the transformative potential of blending movement and mindfulness, she observed clients releasing stored emotions, alleviating long-term pain, and transcending outdated belief patterns.

Drawing from her comprehensive studies in both Eastern and Western modalities, Samantha seamlessly integrates science with ancient wisdom traditions. Utilizing her unique approach, she employs the body as a foundational tool to assist clients in integrating their emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies

Wheel of Yoga

“My mission is to help clients understand their bodies to such a degree, that they no longer need me.”  – Samantha Shakira Clarke


*In person available Vancouver, Canada. (ONLINE AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE.)

** Movement and mindfulness sessions can be used interchangeablY

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client reviews

Here are just a few testimonials for Sammy, from people who have worked with her either through movement, mindfulness or both.

  • “I’m still in awe of our session so thank you! It’s a bit odd to write a review on something as moving as this Heart to Heart Mentoring experience with Samantha. For those who follow her, I’m sure they already see quite the light that she carries. For those who don’t, you’re missing out on what I think a lot of people in this world are missing out on…utter vulnerability with the openness and space to observe people and the world with nothing but love and kindness. This 1:1 experience with Samantha was something I had not been able to experience in other sought after therapeutic/self-development experiences. Engaging with her is an inspiring experience in itself but she is also able to connect in such a way where you forget that she has almost a million followers. She provides the feelings of talking with your best friend while also being the mirror to your deepest wounds and darkest corners. She brought things to light I didn’t even realize I was keeping in the dark. She gave me completely honest feedback of not only my words but my body language which caught me off-guard. I have paid multiple therapists who have not hit on such a nerve but it was exactly the place I needed to tend to. I now have an exercise which is helping me work through the feeling of loneliness and I am seeing instant results. I could write so much more on this and I only spent an hour speaking with her. There’s a reason she’s been called to do the work she is doing. I hope that people who even have the slightest of curiosity give her one chance to help you illuminate your own “yellow brick road” to your own, full-on, self discoveries.”​​

    Lynsey Geier​

    Mindfulness Client
  • I’ve been so grateful to have Samantha as my therapist for the past year. This time with her has realigned my life in such a positive way. Samantha takes a warm yet pragmatic approach to her therapy. She gently leads you in exploring your thoughts and feelings in a safe space created between the two of you.
    Every session with her I am always impressed by her emotional intelligence and ability to immediately understand what I am going through from a deep level with no judgement. While many therapists will leave you wondering what you got out of the session, Samantha will leave you deep in thought and emotion as she gracefully faces your traumas alongside you as you begin to heal.

    Colton Roberts

    Colton Roberts

    Mindfulness and Movement client
  • After Sammy’s session I immediately noticed her honesty, which at first was a little bit hard to digest as I couldn’t quite comprehend or process those feelings immediately, now I see it was because some things hit home harder than I thought they could.
    I learnt that a lot of things that I thought I was doing were for the benefit of others where really quite selfish and I was doing it for myself. A prime example was ending short term relationships/ hook ups with long winded messages trying to explain why I didn’t work, fooling myself thinking I was being nice and for the other party involved, when really it was  to relieve my own guilt and make myself feel I had done the right thing. I think that there are a lot people that are guilty of doing this! Sammy’s ability to help me see this, has been immense in my growth as a man!
    I was also shown that I was unable to listen 100% to others, I would always need to give my response or my opinion, often without ever letting the other person finish, she showed me how this was preventing me from truly allowing people to feel close to me!
    After one week  after my time with Sammy, my friends said they’ve noticed a big change in me and I truly, truly put this down to sammy’s patience, understanding, support and ability to not only read me, but tell me what I need to hear to grow into the man I want to be.
    I whole heartedly recommend Sammy for heart to heart mentoring. She is unique and worth your time and money!

    Jan IL

    Mindfulness client.
  • I’ve spent a good portion of my life in athletics, along with a few years fighting competitively from a reputable gym – but it wasn’t until I worked with Samantha where I understood how to correctly use my body. Her expertise in movement shows in her ability to teach the art of punching on a kinetic level. She believes in quality reps rather than mercilessly drilling the same movements and this allows for athletes to truly understand what they are asking out of their body when performing. Training with Samantha has opened my eyes about where my power comes from – I recommend her to anyone who takes their craft seriously.

    Sam Zeri - Boxing shot

    Sam Zeri

    Boxing client
  • Samantha has helped me grow and develop on a physical level and on a mental level. I can honestly say that I would not be the man I am today had I not engaged Samantha as my coach back in 2019.
    I first started working with Samantha in 2019 as my personal trainer at Equinox gym in Vancouver. She put together an extensive exercise and fitness program for me that focused on building core strength, stability and endurance. I also had both Yoga and Boxing classes with Samantha at the same time. I was very happy with the results I saw whilst working with Samantha and I thoroughly enjoyed her enthusiasm and ability to keep me engaged and motivated.
    When Samantha left Equinox I retained her as my personal yoga coach and boxing instructor and I have since also engaged her as a meditation and lifestyle coach.
    Samantha has been instrumental in not only training my body but has also helped me train and calm my mind leading me to be more connected and generally happier with how I show up in the world and how I interact with myself and others.
    I can not recommend her enough, and I am forever grateful for her guidance, patience, wisdom and unique gifts.

    Nick B

    Mindfulness and Movement Client
  • Sammy has a passion for helping people and a great attention to detail. She has in-depth knowledge of proper biomechanics and taught me how to move my body to prevent injuries.

    She is also a great listener if you feel like complaining about anything while exercising.

    Her bubbly personality and energy is contagious and its impossible to not be in a good mood after her sessions.

    Louis Archembault

    Louis Archambeault

    Movement Client
  • I embarked on this journey with Sammy a little skeptical. I saw that she was an athlete, and a counsellor, and I wasn’t really sure what to expect.

    But she’s really covered it all with me, I see why she’s called a ‘holistic’ coach.

    There were so many things about myself I was unaware of, mainly.. my emotions, and how they were running my life, setting boundaries, even though I thought I had it under control!

    I am a happier more open person, I have more patience, and self acceptance… And as an added bonus, better posture, feel stronger and feel more self aware in a genuine way.

    I swap between counselling and training and I don’t think I’ll ever go to anyone else for either of them again. She is simply the most well rounded coach of any kind that I have had.

    Michael A

    Mindfulness and Movement Client
  • If you haven’t hired Sammy yet, you’re with the wrong coach. She taught me so much in our first session alone, and then at some point in the first few weeks I realized I was completely getting my ass kicked. She is so knowledgeable, and at this point I’m convinced she knows my body better than I ever did. She notices things no one else sees, and explains things in a way that’s easy to digest without ever making you feel ignorant. I feel confident, strong, and grateful for my body. We do boxing, yoga, strength and even meditation. Somehow she masters it all. I trust Sammy with my health and my life and would perish without her.

    JENNA Berman

    Jenna Berman

    Mindfulness and Movement Client
  • Working with Sam has been an incredible journey over the last 3 years. She has helped me physically become stronger in fitness and has helped me lean into an emotional and spiritual journey I didn’t know I needed. She is incredible at creating space to hold whatever is needed during our sessions and always finds a way to bring joy and laughter in. I’d highly recommend working with her!

    Felicia F

    Mindfulness and Movement Client
  • Sammy Is AMAZING, I went to her because I wanted a cute booty, my God did I get so so so much more.

    She helped me move in a way that doesn’t hurt my knee ( been trying to get that for 8 years) but she also explained movements to me in a way which finally makes sense. I’m comfortable exercising on my own for the first time ever, and now I’m able to see my emotional and mental health had a HUGE part in my physical fatigue and stress.

    She’s a wizard, or a witch, I dunno, but hire her and just go along for the ride!

    Jaclyn F

    Mindfulness and Movement Client
  • Coming from a history of contact sports, car accidents leading to injuries. Training with Sammy has not only just fixed my body better than any physio or chiropractor has managed to do. But In my short time with her I’ve also learned to have much more confidence and peace of mind. She has a vast knowledge of how the human body works with loads of experience but her ability to emotionally connect with her clients/myself is what makes her truly a one of a kind trainer.
    Anyone would be blessed to have her in their corner.
    Thank you for everything.

    Jake Taylor

    Movement and Mindfulness Client
  • I came to Sammy looking for someone to help me lose weight and nothing more. But through working with her, I’m starting to learn the value of seeing my body as a part of my whole self rather than just a shell to manipulate. In our short time together, she has already helped me realize things no therapist has done before and helped me move in ways no trainer has done before.

    Sammy’s passion and empathy make her a great coach and someone you definitely want on your team. I recommend her immensely.

    Harleen Sahota

    Movement and Mindulness Client

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