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Small Company. GIANT MISSION!

 ‘Slice of the Pie’ is an ethically focused influencer marketing company, travelling the globe in search of places, adventures and events that are having a positive impact on the world.

 Creating meaningful campaigns around the globe and finding exceptional brands to align with for these projects.

We search the world for companies that are contributing to humanity behind the scenes, so you can stay, play and consume with a clear conscience.


Our founder, Sammy, had spent 30 years  travelling inwards, dedicating her life to being the best person she could be – Always knowing that her calling was to one day ‘change the world’.

As fate would have it, on her 30th birthday, she realised that  “Sometimes the best way to change the world, is to see more of the world.”

So since that fateful birthday, she has pledged to dedicate the next 30 years of her life travelling outwards, encouraging others to the best person they can be.


It is our deepest commitment at Slice Of The Pie to remind people of the beauty around them, the abundance within them and the positive change they can make in the world.

Our vow is to take every Slice out of every Pie, then feed it to our wonderfully hungry audience with humour, integrity, originality and more personality than you could possibly chew on.


Our mission is simple:

“To inspire every man, woman and child to live the life of their dreams and give back in the process.”

Slice of Pie


We have come to see that environment plays a huge effect on our moods, imagination, desires and habits.

So we travel the world to take you to the most awe-inspiring accommodations, unique abode’s and hidden locations, feeding you with recommendations on where to lose yourself, so that you may find yourself.

When it comes to where we  stay, we pride ourselves on finding those hidden gems that give back to the earth, it’s inhabitants and society.

Slice of The Pie is about


“There are few things more powerful in people’s lives than new adventures and nothing can change a life quicker than a new experience.”

 Slice Of The Pie is here to feed you awe-inspiring ideas to fuel your next adventure!

From dirt biking across volcanoes, abseiling face first down city sky scrapers or trekking the worlds toughest terrain and everything in between.

We actively search for and support adventures  that contribute to charities, sustainability practises and other worthy causes.


Slice of The Pie


Being a regular fix in the fitness and entertainment industries Samantha is equally passionate about art, sport, theatre and the thrill of a good live event.

Music, art, stadium events, backstage passes, celebrity interviews and festivals, if we haven’t already done it, rest assured it’s on the list! 

Slice of The Pie is here to share what’s hot, what’s not to be missed and what will change your life.


Slice of The pie is brought to you by

Samantha Shakira




ninja warrior


yoga teacher

radio host


Ethical Warrior

Hippy on a journey to change the world

What does it look like to make a difference in the world?

sustainable goals

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    a self funded company

    Slice of the Pie is a self funded company which is designed to have an impact on humanitarian causes all over the world. With generous donations from one project we have already helped rebuild a village in Cambodia! We rely on amazing brand sponsors to align with us for financial aid. (If you are an amazing brand please see BRAND PARTNERS PAGE), but occasionally we get amazing personal ambassadors who want to selflessly support the company in it’s endeavours to “Inspire every man woman and child to live the life of their dreams and give back in the process” If you are one of those selfless persons who have reached out to us. Firstly, we thank you. Secondly – you can donate here.

    Know that your funds will help one little company have a big impact, in a meaningful way.