Samantha (Shakira) Clarke is an Australian actress, athlete, speaker and humanitarian; born in Cairns Australia, but growing up in England. She lives in Vancouver, Canada.  

Her passions run deep, and her core focus is love, compassion and unbridled self expression. 

Through all the work she has done in her life, nothing has, nor ever will satiate her hunger quite like the craft of acting.

“There is an ineffable anguish that permeates all artists, an unending dissatisfaction, and desire to create more.

Acting is her reminder of this.

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Samantha has been part of many popular TV Shows and movies. She has a passion for drama and a knack for comedy which makes her a versatile little treat for directors and producers alike. Here’s a quick look at one of her reels.


Professionally trained as a TV. Presenter at the prestigious N.I.D.A in Sydney, Australia. Sammy boasts a comfortable, relaxed and humorous approach to her on-screen presenting gigs.

Before relocating to Vancouver she could be recognised as a Corporate Boxing M.C, Host of Sydney Female Film Festival, and a regular guest co-anchor on Bondi Radio.

Though now predominantly focusing on public speaking, she can still be contacted through her agency for TV appearance requests.

Ifly indoor skydiving
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“There is an ineffable anguish that permeates all artists, an unending dissatisfaction, and desire to create more.”  – Samantha Shakira Clarke

Step into the world of Samantha, a multi-talented star who has graced numerous popular TV shows and movies. With a  passion for drama and a natural flair for comedy, Samantha’s versatility is a true delight for directors and producers alike.

From gripping emotional scenes to laugh-out-loud moments, Samantha effortlessly captures the essence of each character she portrays, earning her widespread acclaim and a dedicated fan base

To view some of other works you can click here.

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