Samantha Clarke: From MMA Boxer to Enlightened Influencer

Samantha Clarke is an Australian actress, presenter and fitness personality who has dedicated her life to teaching others the importance of self love, love for others and love for the earth we walk on. Having come from troubled beginnings and having lead a ‘wonderfully colorful life’, the challenges she faced growing up has shown her that living a life of mediocrity is not an option. She has made a pact with the universe that as long as she is in it, she will be of service to it.

Now she lives, breathes and teaches the art of compassion, and encourages her students to speak their highest truth and follow their hearts instead their heads. Samantha believes everyone deserves love, laughter and the gift of spiritual growth…..

Samantha Shakira Clarke - Choose the Stronger Choice

I get up close and personal with Samantha Shakira Clarke: Australian athlete, actress and ethical warrior with one core mission ‘to INSPIRE every man, woman and child to live the life of their dreams – and give back in the process.’

Sammy’s warmth and energy is infectious. This one is a MUST listen! We go deep into making the right decisions for our lives, therapy stigmas, how Sammy wants you to get out of your HEAD and into your HEART and listening to that little voice. It’s super quiet, but let it be super powerful.

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Instagram: @samanthashakiraclarke


Z2H Session 50 - w/ Samantha Clarke

On today’s podcast Denny is joined by Samantha Clarke, an Australian actress, presenter, Ninja Warrior and founder of “Slice of the Pie”. The two talk about Sammy’s early life and acting career, her move to Vancouver, first impressions of the city and people, caring too much what others think, being honest with yourself, and the balance between staying present and future goals. // Samantha Clarke – Instagram: samanthashakiraclarke , Website: // Denny Dumas – Instagram: denny.dumas, Facebook: denny.dumas.5 //

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