about me

First and foremost, I’m a cat mom to Betty-Boop and Smudge.

They have taught me more than any human I have ever met and I love them more than anything I could have ever imagined. I am smitten, whipped, and not even slightly embarrassed by it.


Smudge - A cute but grumpy cat.
Betty Boop - The cutest cat in the world

BACK TO me...

Now we've gotten that important piece of information out of the way, lets go back in time and meet little Sammy.

Growing up, I was labeled a “troubled” child.

Leaving home at the tender age of 12, life led me down a path strewn with immense adversity. My childhood and teenage years were filled with neglect, confusion, hostility and ultimately substance abuse, foster care and juvinile detention centres.

My world and those who were in it, told me I would never amount to anything. 

I believed them.

….Till I didnt.

That colourful beginning, was the greatest gift life could have ever given me. Without the weight of societal expectations, I was free to ask myself “If I could do anything right now, what would I do?” It turned out, despite my horrific childhood, and the cruel labels placed on me, even at that young age, I only ever wanted to learn and to love.

I formed an insatiable curiosity around healing, human relationships, our relationship to the planet, and the nature of the planet itself.  I pondered over why some people lied to others and some to themselves. Why most humans seemed constantly stressed, and why there was special few who had a sparkle in their eyes which seemed to whisper to me ‘I have a secret.’

Yearning to discover that secret, I delved into books on body language, quantum physics, biomechanics, Ayurvedic medicine, trauma therapy, spirituality, mindfulness, and anything about the human condition I could get my hands on.

I explored the realms of art and expression, and ultimately came to understand the profound impact unspoken words and suppressed emotions have on our bodies. I became an athlete and travelled the world, became an actor and travelled the depths of my soul.

Life gave me an education far beyond my wildest imagination. Far beyond the confines of a school-room. My lack of formal education was replaced with an immersive journey, shaping me into a perpetual student of life and a devoted teacher of its invaluable lessons

Today, I am wholeheartedly dedicated to learning, loving, healing, and helping. Both others, and myself.  I do not fully understand my insatiable thirst for knowledge, wisdom and perpetual service, or why growth has always been more vital than comfort for me. And I most certainly will never know why I defied the odds of a childhood that destines many into a life of struggle and survival.


But what I do know is this—that ‘sparkle’ I witnessed in people’s eyes? That captivating secret that beckoned me?

—It was presence. 

 -It was peace.

– It was what I saw when people had found parts of themselves many choose to ignore.

 – It was a gentle, loving, curious, awareness that has left me perpetually in awe.

I will forever be a humble student of this. And a devout teacher of it.

 I will forever attempt to stay true to my mission statement… 

..... " TO Live the life of my dreams, and give back in the process"

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