Sammy is a mindfulness facilitator, and is highly regarded as a keynote speaker for companies wanting an honest approach to mastering mindfulness in the work-place.

Outside of the corporate world, Sammy has a passion for working with at-risk and disadvantaged youth. 

Having been in the system as an at-risk-youth herself many years ago, working with shelters, support facilities and the child advocacy community, is not only something she’s proud to be a part of, but something she’s uniquely qualified to facilitate.

Her main focus, regardless of her audience, is to cultivating the meaningful message of mindfulness, and deliver that message with heart, sincerity and impact.

For specific subjects/requests go to CONTACT page. 

  • “Sammy conducted mindfulness sessions with a team of professionals who help children deal with some of the ugliest things life has to offer. Her ability to connect with our team, and strike the perfect balance between theoretical vs practical was second-to-none. After one of Sammy’s 30-minute sessions, there was a noticeable energy shift in the space. There is something healing and powerful about going through a shared mindfulness exercise with colleagues. Sammy drew on her expertise to leverage the experience to bring out the best in all of us. Going back to my desk afterwards, I personally felt calmer and more focused–re-charged for the afternoon’s tasks. Her tips are highly practical and easy to implement at any time to deal with life’s challenges. Life always has a way of working out perfectly, and hiring Sammy to work with our team definitely reinforced this belief. She was the perfect fit for our team.”


    Child Youth Advocacy Center
  • Sammy’s story is so compelling and told so thoughtfully that she captures the attendees minds and hearts instantly. She’s a true expert in her field and consistently receives top feedback from our clients. She is able to lead attendees through practices in a way that is genuine, not pretentious, and for that reason is incredibly effective. She’s also never stagnant and always growing in her training, her skillset, and her speaking. It’s truly a gift to see Sammy share her story and her expertise with others.


    Kayla Braum. CEO Twello Corporate Wellness
  • Samantha is great and explains things very well. Got me relaxed and ready to continue the rest of my shift


    Anonymous staff survey
  • Employees absolutely loved Sammy Clarke; she has a very calming voice and shows a true passion for what she does. Sammy also understands that everyone is at a different level, from first-timers to advanced, and tailored sessions for everyone.

    Shawcor Ltd

    Google review
  • Sammy is the best facilitator I have ever met! Thank you!

    Shawcor LTD

    Anonymous Client Survey
  • This was the best 30 min break i have ever spend. Thank you – it was amazing!


    Anonymous staff survey
  • Sammy is terrific! She is very genuine, relatable and really knows how to engage the participants and make them feel comfortable. Well done!

    Shawcor LTD

    Anonymous staff survey


Professionally trained as a TV. Presenter at the prestigious N.I.D.A in Sydney, Australia. Sammy boasts a comfortable, relaxed and humorous approach to her on-screen presenting gigs.

She has worked with many renowned companies, including APPLE and FITBIT.

Before relocating to Vancouver she could be recognised as a Corporate Boxing M.C, Host of Sydney Female Film Festival, and a regular guest co-anchor on Bondi Radio.

Though now predominantly focusing on public speaking, she can still be contacted through her agency for TV appearance requests.

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