Sammy runs a private practise as a Holistic Health Coach. Assisting clients back to their optimal wellness through rebalancing the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual body.

Sammy is versed with a plethora of modalities, starting from two simple categories – ‘MOVEMENT‘, or ‘MINDFULNESS‘.

From there, the journey begins.


(personal training)

sammys specialties

Samantha has spent her entire adult life devoted to movement.

A boxer, yoga teacher, pilates instructor, calisthenics athlete and Australian Ninja Warrior!

She is widely recognised as a fitness expert and has been featured in many prominent magazines, T.V specials and podcasts.

Her passion and specialty, is understanding her clients’ kinetic chain compensation patterns. So she can educate them on how their bodies work, how they may have compensated over the years, and what best to do to reach optimal mobility, strength and functionality.

Samantha Clarke competing on Ninja Warrior


**In person available Vancouver, Canada : ONLINE AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE

*** Movement and mindfulness sessions can be used interchangeably

client reviews

Here are just a few testimonials for Sammy, from people who have worked with her either through movement, mindfulness or both.

  • I’ve spent a good portion of my life in athletics, along with a few years fighting competitively from a reputable gym – but it wasn’t until I worked with Samantha where I understood how to correctly use my body. Her expertise in movement shows in her ability to teach the art of punching on a kinetic level. She believes in quality reps rather than mercilessly drilling the same movements and this allows for athletes to truly understand what they are asking out of their body when performing. Training with Samantha has opened my eyes about where my power comes from – I recommend her to anyone who takes their craft seriously.

    Sam Zeri - Boxing shot

    Sam Zeri

    Boxing client
  • I’m yet to find a trainer as excellent at Sammy. I’m not sure if she’s weirdly intuitive, or just understands the body on another level…but it’s like she can see patterns in my body, that don’t even make sense to me till they’re fixed.. and then EVERYTHING makes sense.

    She’s like a body mechanic..or body shaman.. or witch doctor or something.

    Either way, I love training with her and so glad I found her. The only problem is i’m now mad at the knowledge that i’ve spent 10 years wasting my money with trainers I now know had no clue what they were doing!

    She’s the best.

     She really is the best.

    I secretly think she’s psychic.

    Please don’t ever leave me Sammy.

    Jaclyn F

    Movement Client
  • I first started working with Samantha in 2019 as my personal trainer at Equinox gym in Vancouver. She put together an extensive exercise and fitness program for me that focused on building core strength, stability and endurance. I also had both Yoga and Boxing classes with Samantha at the same time. I was very happy with the results I saw whilst working with Samantha and I thoroughly enjoyed her enthusiasm and ability to keep me engaged and motivated.
    When Samantha left Equinox I retained her as my personal yoga coach and boxing instructor  and I have since also engaged her as a meditation and lifestyle coach.
    Samantha has been instrumental in not only training my body but has also helped me train and calm my mind leading me to be more connected and generally happier with how I show up in the world and how I interact with myself and others.
    Samantha has helped me grow and develop on a physical level and on a mental level.
    I can honestly say that I would not be the man I am today had I not engaged Samantha as my coach back in 2019.

    Nick B (Age 60)

    Movement and Mindfulness Client
  • Samantha is an excellent boxing coach for those looking to correctly learn true boxing fundamentals, technique, and footwork. I spent 3 years training only to realize I had some basic issues that needed to be addressed after starting with Samantha. My time spent training with her has brought my boxing skill to an entirely new level. I would recommend her to anyone who is serious about learning proper technique. 

    Colton Roberts

    Colton Roberts

    Boxing Client.